Last week camping at Joshua Tree for the meteor shower #tbt 🌠💫🌌🌄

Camping at the lake in the vw bus westfalia!

Bought myself a present while in vegas. Got 10% off because I was from cali?? Don’t know why but ill take it! #armcandy

Met Simba in Ensanada last week! ✔ off my bucket list :) #hakunamatata

Lets do this! #cruise2k14 #carnival #mexico

Thanks for another awesome edc guys. @akajohnnybravo @yaneli_tee , you guys always make it better! Im glad we’ve stayed close over the years! @mia_biagini @sir_edly idk where you are in this pic and I dont have the pic from dash, but im really glad to have met you guys. Thanks for being an awesome group #tbt #edclv2014 (at Under the Electric Sky)

To another edc. Sad its over, but it was definitely a good one! I miss it already #edclv2014 #untilnexttime #thelove 🎆🎇🌠✨ (at Las Vegas Motor Speedway)